Millions of people all around the world have hair loss problems and the cause of this problem is many but a change in the diet definitely increase the hair growth. It is important to include necessary supplements in your diet for making your hair healthier.

Foods that Fight Hair Loss

Top 10 Foods that Fight Hair Loss

In this article, you can get details about the 10 nutrient-rich foods for controlling the hair loss from inside out.

1) Spinach:

This is best for fighting the hair loss problem and it is rich in iron, protein, minerals, vitamin A and C. The iron deficiency is the main cause for the extreme hair fall and it is important to include spinach in your diet. The sebum increases hair growth, nourishes the root of the hair and act as the natural conditioner.

2) Sweet Potato and Carrot:

The orange colored fruits or vegetables are good for the hair growth because they are rich in nutrients. The beta carotene from the sweet potato stimulates the secretion of sebum and makes your hair healthy and lustrous. The carrot contains carotene which converts the nutrients into vitamin A which is essential for the production of oil in the scalp and skin.

3) Egg:

This is the great source of vitamin B and essential nutrients such as protein, omega 6 fatty acids and iron. If you include egg in your diet regularly, then it will strengthen the brittle nails and it also the helps in hair growth.

4) Salmon:

You can get omega-3 fatty acid naturally from salmon, sardines, mackerel and other cold water fish. It converts the sun rays into vitamin D which is important for strengthening the bones and cures the inflammation that causes hair fall. It increases the production of natural oil on your scalp for the healthy hair growth.

5) Oats:

The oats are rich in good fat like omega-6 fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) that helps in hair growth and make your hair more strong. If you are facing hair loss problem, then include the oats in your morning meals.

6) Walnut:

If you are you searching for vegetarian food with omega-3 fatty acid, then the walnut is the best choice and it also contains biotin, protein, magnesium, vitamin B and E. The vitamin E protects your hair from the damage which is caused by the harsh rays of the sun and strengthens the cuticle of your hair.

7) Lentils:

The lentils are loaded with biotin, protein, zinc and iron. It has plenty of folic acid for the generation of red blood cells that carries oxygen to the scalp and nourishes the root. It controls the breakage and reduces hair fall.

8) Poultry:

If you cannot get required protein, then your muscle will not grow and the same thing happens to your hair. The poultry contains sufficient protein for the hair growth and prevents the breakage of the hair. It also contains zinc and it is important to include the poultry in your diet in order to prevent hair loss naturally.

9) Oyster

The oyster is full of zinc and it is one of the important minerals for the overall health of the body. It helps in preventing the hair loss even in your eyelashes and it also high in protein.

10) Foods Rich in Vitamin C

The Vitamin C deficiency is the main cause for the hair loss problem because it helps in absorption of iron. It contains antioxidant properties for the reduction of damage caused by the free radicals. Try to eat vitamin C rich fruits such as guava, orange, lime etc.

Bottom Line

Hope you got a clear idea about the foods that fight hair loss problem and try to include all the above foods in your diet. Any queries on the topic “10 Foods that fight hair loss” are welcome.