Are you suffering from hair loss?Then you have come to the right article.This  article will provide you the best treatments for hair loss.If you follow this without fail you can control the hair loss.Both men and women are suffering from hair loss.
Best Treatment For Hair Loss

The cause of hair loss is that the roots of the hairs are lacking enough amount of nutrients, and  it can’t supply to the hair. Due to this, the hair roots will become weak. Mainly, the hair loss may occur due to vitamin deficiencies and also by pollution.Consuming the protein and vitamin rich foods promotes the hair growth. It will also strengthen the hair. First, you should  select the best treatment for hair loss whether natural, medical or home remedy and then you can proceed with it.

Best treatments for hair loss

Natural Hair loss Treatments


Iron plays a major role in  making your hair strong and healthy. So consume a subsequent amount of leafy greens, beans, red meat, etc.As they are rich in sources of minerals like iron and zinc,it acts very effectively  to grow the hair very long.

Scalp Massage

Rubbing the hair with the coconut oil  increases the circulation of the scalp and is used to provide nutrients for the growth of hair. Mainly, women will show their interest towards this type of massage.

Medical Hair Loss Treatments

OTC Cures

Minoxidil is  a drug,which is used for promoting the hair growth in an efficient manner.Massage the medication over the scalp twice a day.For best results follow this for several weeks.It is used to strengthen the hair follicle. After using this drug more new hair starts to grow. It is recommended for women alone.


Suppose when the minoxidil does not prove to be an effective one,it is better to consult a doctor. They will prescribe an antiandrogen drug,which reduces the hair fall, and also it stimulates the hair growth.

Side Effects

Some of the drugs won’t produce the right results.By the usage of drugs in the hair,there may be a chance of occurrence of side effects like itching,causing irritation in the roots of hair, redness of the scalp.Suppose when you are affected by these side effects,it is better to stop it immediately.

Home Remedy


It has been considered as an effective way to repair the hair follicles.The seeds of fenugreek are rich in antecedents which promote hair growth.As these seeds  contain some acids and proteins it plays a significant role in preventing the hair loss.

Take some fenugreek seeds and soak it in water at night and grind it to make a paste in the morning.Apply the paste on the scalp and leave them for  one hour until it gets dry and then rinse off with water.Not to use shampoo after rinsing the hair.You are advised to follow this tip for twice a week and continue up to one month to get good results.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera acts as an effective home remedy to prevent the hair loss and increase  the growth of hair due to the presence of the alkaline property.It will relieve you from the scalp problems like flaking, itching, etc.It plays an important role in reducing dandruff.

Take the aloe vera plant,collect the pulp and then apply it on the scalp and hair.Leave it for one hour and then wash off with water. Follow this for four times a week to get best results.Do this treatment regularly to get a very long hair.


As onions are rich in sulfur,it will improve the circulation of blood to the hair follicles.It plays a major  role in killing the germs due to the presence of antibacterial property in it.Take the onion juice from the onion and apply it on the hair.Leave it for one hour.Then, rinse it off with water or cleanser.

It will provide you the best solutions after several weeks.Regular usage of this treatment can make your hair lengthy. It can prevent dandruff. It had to consider as the best treatment for hair loss.


Gooseberry is rich in sources of vitamin C,and  it strengthens the scalp and stimulates hair growth in an efficient manner.Take the goose berry,discard the seeds and grind it to make a pulp.Mix the paste of gooseberry with the lemon juice and massage it into the scalp.Leave it for half an hour and then rinse with plenty of water.

As gooseberry is used to prevent the hair loss,it can  strengthen the hair follicle.You can also use the gooseberry pulp alone without adding lemon juice.For best results do this treatment regularly thrice a week without fail.


Hibiscus flowers,as well as leaves,play a major role in preventing  the hair loss and also stimulate the hair growth.It will act as a remedy to cure split ends and dandruff.Heat some hibiscus flowers in the coconut oil.Strain this and massage the scalp with the oil.Leave it on the night and rinse off next morning.Doing this regularly, you can save your hair from loss.

Hibiscus leaves must be ground to form a paste and then apply it on the scalp.After half an hour rinse it with water. It will control the hair loss and also used to increase the growth of hair.For best results do  it regularly for a couple of weeks.

Grape Seed Oil

Grapes are rich in anti- oxidants,which play a vital role in controlling the production of dihydrotestosterone ,which is the primary cause of the hair loss.It prevents hair fall,dandruff etc.Apply it for half an hour and then rinse it off  with water.

It is highly recommended to follow the tips regularly.It has to be continued for several weeks to get best results.To get remedy soon,you can mix the grape seed oil with some other seed.It has been considered as the safest treatment for hair loss.

Choose any of  the methods according to your needs and follow the instructions carefully to get better results.Send in your comments in the reply box.