Hair growth can be improved by good diet and a proper maintenance. Eating a food enriched with vitamins and proteins helps a lot in hair growth.Vitamins A, B, C, E, Iron, zinc, copper, magnesium plays a vital role in faster hair growth.Massaging the scalp and applying special hair treatments will also help to grow hair faster.The following are some of the steps to grow hair faster.

How To Grow Hair Longer And Faster


Trimming your hair regularly will reduce the split ends.Removal of split ends in the hair result in a good hair growth very soon.


Massaging your hair with castor oil gives a good result.Gently massage your hair into the scalp in a circular motion. Combing your hair before going to bed will reduce hair damage.Cleaning the scalp with a healthy ingredient oils and shampoos will help to grow hair faster.

Protection from elements

Protecting the hair from heat,dust and chlorine will reduce the hair damage and help the hair to grow faster. Wearing a hat will prevent the hair from heat and sun.Swim caps will protect hair from chlorine water.

Avoid hard hair treatments

Hard hair treatments such as bleaching,dying can cause a lot of hair damage.Drying hair with a hair dryer will seriously lead to hair loss.Pat your hair with a towel and don’t roughly towel it dry.Combing the hair with wide tooth comb will reduce hair loss.Never brush your wet hair with a comb.


Avoid sleeping on a silk pillow.Daily usage of shampoos should be prevented.Cleansing hair will not grow the hair instead it leads to hair breakage.

Stress free

Hair loss also occurs due to stress.Stress should be controlled and avoided so that it will not affect hair growth.Stress can be managed by meditation, yoga, breathing exercises.Getting a sound sleep will increase hair growth.


Eggs are the best protein product for the growth of the hair faster.Eggs also contain iron, zinc, sulphur.Applying egg hair mask once a month will give a good result in hair growth.

Flip the hair

To increase the hair growth faster this is the most common method.Flipping your hair upside down daily will improve circulation.

Cold water rinse

Using hot water while bathing will seriously damage the hair.Cold water will not remove moisture and it keeps the hair cuticles fresh. It reduces heat damage.

Hydrate yourself

Water plays a vital role in our body.Water clears out the waste materials in our body.Drinking a lot of water will help in hair growth.

Hair growth will occur only when essential food supplements are intaken.Maintaining the hair with the proper shampoos and cleaning the hair will increase the hair growth faster.Although it is not easy to increase the hair growth much faster, the above methods will not only increase the hair growth faster but also improves the strands of the hair.