Women’s beauty  also lies in the hair.When they suffer from hair loss,not only they are losing their hair but also their beauty.To regain the lost beauty  maintain the hair in a proper manner. On taking treatments one can regain the lost hair. This article will give you a clear idea about how to take treatments and what are the treatments need to be taken for  a growth  of the hair.

Hair Growth Treatments For Women

Below are mentioned the choice of treatments for hair growth.

Homeopathy Treatments


It has been considered as the most popular homeopathy medicine for hair growth.This medicine is used to strengthen the hair and helps in eliminating the dryness from your hair.Silicea is obtained from human tissues and sandstones.It provides nourishment to your hair.

Kalium Carbonicum

By using this drug,you can reduce the hair loss and thereby stimulate the hair growth.It plays a major role in preventing the falling of hair and make your hair strong and healthy.This medicine is prepared from the compounds, which Egyptians used to prepare the glass.


This medicine is used to remove dandruff and thus,it promotes the hair growth.It has been recommended for the pregnant women and lactating mothers,who are suffering from hair loss.It is used to provide enough nutrition for hair growth.It is prepared from the spores of  some plants.


Hair Transplantation

A plug of hair is taken from different parts of the head and transplanted to the thinner area.Hair transplantation costs expensive than any other treatments.While doing the  hair transplant,a person may suffer from severe pain. The drawbacks of the hair transplantation are redness of the scalp,producing infection and irritation in the scalp. At times,it may lead to itching  and redness of the scalp.

Laser Treatment

Low- level laser treatment has been recommended as the safest one for women as it does not produce any side effects.It is also called as light treatment.Laser treatment penetrates a light into the scalp and thus,it will strengthen the roots of the hair,thereby preventing the hair loss and stimulating the hair growth.

Home Treatments

The home treatments performed are listed below

Aloe Vera

Apply the aloe vera juice or gel on the scalp.Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it off with water.It contains certain enzymes,which are used to promote the hair growth.It plays a vital role in relieving you from dandruff, itching, and redness of the scalp.Follow this treatment for a couple of weeks regularly to get the best results.


It consists of hormone antecedents which are used to strengthen the follicles of the hair and stimulates the growth of the hair in an effective manner.Soak the fenugreek seeds in water and then grind them to make a paste.Apply this on the scalp and leave them for 30 minutes.Finally,rinse it off with water.Do this for one month daily in the morning to get the best results.

It is recommended to always use the medicines in lower dosages.Take the drugs after prescribed by the physician. From  the above treatments choose the best one which is suitable for you.Write to us about the obtained results of the treatment followed by you.