Honey has been considered as the best medicine for hair growth. It is used to reduce the hair loss.It plays a significant role in promoting hair growth.But,many are unaware of  the application of the honey on the scalp. No worries!!.This article will give you some information about the hair loss treatment with honey.

Hair Loss Treatment With Honey

How to treat it with Honey?

Both men and women can follow this treatment with no anxiety.It is one of the natural ways to treat the hair fall without any side effects.


  • Mix honey with garlic forming a paste and then apply it to the scalp.After few minutes,rinse it with water.This has to be continued for few months to get the best results.
  • Mix honey with egg yolk and then apply the mixture onto the scalp.Leave it for few hours and then rinse it with water or shampoo.
  • Mix honey with cinnamon and olive oil.The paste has to be applied on the scalp and left as such for few minutes.Then rinse it with water.

To obtain the best results,continue the tips for few months regularly without fail.


Given below are the major benefits of this treatment.

Fights against infections

The properties of honey will penetrate into the scalp and remove the blockage in the follicle of the hair.It will remove the impurities and kill the bacteria that cause infections.So it plays a vital role to stimulate the hair growth.It will provide a healthy hair.

Provides Moisture

It acts as humectants, providing enough moisture to the hair thereby,removing the dryness from your hair. High sugar content in the honey helps to give sufficient amount of moisture to the hair and is used to provide strength to the follicles of the hair.

Softens the hair

It provides strength to the follicles of the hair and thus the hair grows to be healthy.The honey plays a major role in softening the hair.Add honey to your shampoo to treat the rough hair.It is been considered as a good conditioner for the hair.Honey is an emollient,that acts a natural softener to soften the hair.

Cleaning the scalp 

Honey is rich in antiseptic and anti- bacterial properties,which are used to keep your scalp clean.It helps to remove the fungal infections, dandruff, and itchy scalp and thus, the hair grows efficiently.It is used to remove the blockage in the roots of the hair.

Shiny Hair     

Hair loss might be caused due to over exposure to sunlight and pollution.You can regain your hair by applying the honey hair mask.Mix honey with warm water and rinse the hair.By doing this,shiny and glowing hair can be obtained.

Follow the above procedures for treating hair loss.Give your feedback about the results in the comment section below.