The hair loss is common in women.Nearly 50 to 100 hairs shed a day from the head.There are several reasons for the hair loss in women.The hair loss might be due to the vitamin deficiency, stress, or thyroid factors.You have to understand the reason behind your hair fall.It will help you to get the solution of your hair fall.

Hair Loss in Women

5 Causes for hair fall in Women

The 5 major causes of hair fall in women are listed out here.These are the usual reasons for your hair loss.

  • Heredity
  • Change in medical conditions
  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Thyroid
  • Anaemia
  • PCOS
  • Styling of hair too much


The heredity hair loss in women is known as female-pattern baldness.The females will suffer from hair thinning during this baldness.It is common in women.However,the hair fall might also occur due to the heredity.The family history depends on  upon your hair fall.The heredity hair loss will start at the age of attaining puberty.Control this hair loss is difficult.

Changes in medical conditions

The hormone changes in women will cause hair loss temporarily.The women who get imbalanced hormone will suffer from hair thinning.The women will have hormone changes due to pregnancy or at menopause stages.Even the PCOS will cause hair thinning in women.These are some of the causes of hair thinning due to changes in your medical condition.


If you have too much of vitamin A in your food then you will get severe hair loss.The drugs you intake to treat severe diseases may also cause hair loss in you.The high blood pressure even causes hair loss in you.


The women with high stress will surely get hair loss.The thinning hair is also a symptom of high blood pressure. When you get high stress and pressure then your hair will start to lose.This will result in baldhead.


the Thyroid is a common disease in women. There are two types of thyroids. The highly produced thyroid hormone is hyperthyroidism and the low hormone production is hypothyroidism.The thyroid is the hormone that is used to the growth of hair and nails.Lack of proper production of thyroid leads to hair fall.This is the reason for hair loss in thyroid patients.Until you get normal thyroid level, you will suffer from hair loss.


The person who is anaemic will have severe hair loss.This is due to the iron deficiency in the body.Those peoples will have heavy menstruation period.Eat high iron rich foods.Therefore, you can increase the red blood cells in your blood.The iron is very important in the hair growth. So eat high iron supplements.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is referred to as PCOS.This problem is now common in all women in the United States. PCOs are a major problem that caused due to the imbalance hormone.Infertility is the main thing of this disease. As the PCOS result in an imbalance of  hormone, it will cause hair loss in you.

Excess Styling of hair 

If you use too much of shampoo and styling products, surely you will result in hair loss.The over usage of chemicals will break your hairs.The heat you  give your hair will make your hair to loss.The dye that is high in chemical will be the major cause for your hair fall. Styling your hair excessively will cause hair loss.

Home remedies to treat hair loss

The hair loss in women has to be treated in a safe way.Otherwise, it will make your hair fall even worse than before. The home remedies are the best ways to control your hair loss.


Take a proper intake of vitamins, iron, and nutrition in your daily food.This will help you maintain  a good health. As your health is good, you will have a good growth of hair.


The regular massage for your hair will improve the hair growth. The blood circulation will get better after you massage daily. So it will you prevent you from hair loss.


Do not have a diet with insufficient nutrition. This will cause hair loss.Take a healthy food with high iron content.This is used to improve the hair growth.


Apply oil to the hair.It is the main support for your hair growth.Some of the oils are listed out here,helps you from preventing hair loss.

Coconut oil

The coconut oil is use to prevent the hair loss. It improves your hair growth.

Emu oil

This is used to moisturize your hair. This helps in the hair growth.

Rosemary oil

The rosemary oil is used to strengthen the tip of your hair. Therefore, the hair loss will get less.

Jojoba oil

Apply jojoba oil for the growth of your hair.

The above oils will be very much helpful for you to improve the hair growth.It also strengthens your hair and prevents you from hair loss.

The hair loss in women is due to many reasons.The hair loss also shows many symptoms about your body.If you feel any sudden differences in your hair fall,then you should consult a doctor.The dermatologist can counsel you about your hair loss.The hair loss in women is common due to high stress factor.Try to reduce your stress. he depression and the stress will be the factor that causes hair loss.

The home remedies given above are just a formal kind of treatment.If you have mild hair loss then it is ok to follow the home remedies.However, in case if you have severe hair loss problem then you will have to consult a doctor.