Hair loss occurs in many people.The regrowth of hair is not an easy technique and it cannot be achieved in a short time.Hair loss can be caused by either genetic problems or medical problems.It can also be caused by stress factors. Hair regrowth can be performed either medically or by naturally.However treating it medically does not require much time.

Hair Re Growth Treatment For Women
Treatments for women

Medical Products

Hair re-growth medical products are now available in markets which will provide a faster reaction.Some of the products are Minoxidil, Aldactone, Tagamet, Nizoral/Ketoconazole. These products are useful for the repairment of the damaged follicle cells.


The diagnosis of the hair damage will help to identify the causes the damage.This will help to re-grow the hair. The level of damage can be diagnosed by

  • Scalp biopsy
  • Hair pull
  • Densitometry

Natural regrowth techniques

The natural regrowth techniques for women includes the intake of proper diet and vitamins.The protein rich food items are meats, fish, beans, nuts, leafy greens.The proper maintenance of the damaged hair by massaging it regularly and shampoo baths with cold water can prevent furthermore damage to the hair.The hair loss is, of course, a stressing factor but it has to be halted.Trying to keep mind more relaxed and stress-free will not reduce hair damage.

Medical techniques

There are many types of medical techniques which are used for the regrowth of the hair.Transplantation of the hair is the current hair regrowth technique.The hair damage can be stopped at an early stage so that the regrowth can be done without any risks.Minoxidil increases the nutrients to the damaged follicles and increases the blood supply. Hair vitalics  can be intaken as a daily supplement to increase the important vitamins and nutrients which stimulate the hair re growth.Clinical treatment therapy includes steam therapy, scalp treatment, ultraviolet and infrared exposure therapies, laser treatments, and massages.The shampoos for the regrowth of the hair should be chosen more carefully.The shampoos which contain sulfates will not be effective for the regrowth of the damaged hair. Stem cell therapy is also an emerging technique in which the follicles are regenerated in the laboratory.Follicular unit’s extraction technique can be effective in the worst case of hair damage.Regular usage of blow dryers in the hair should be done by the people who wants to regrow the hair.Tight hair styles should be avoided.This will  create a newly grown hair.Over exposure to sunlight may break the regrown hairs.Intake of vitamins and nuts will help to grow the damaged hair. The regrowth techniques for women cannot be achieved within a short time.This also requires a particular body condition.The regeneration technique will be successful only when the process is done properly. Proper maintenance of hair will be useful in the regrowth of the hair.

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