Hair loss may occur due to lack of vitamins and minerals.Hair will regrow by following the below given tips. Nowadays people are suffering from hair loss. After following the procedures without fail you can realize the changes within a few weeks. To get remedy from it read this article and get a clear idea about it.

Hair Regrowth

Tips for Regrowth of hair

Below mentioned are some tips for re-growth of hair.Choose the one which is the best suit for you.

 Head Massage

You  should massage your scalp with some oil like coconut,sunflower, olive, ghee, castor, flaxseed, etc.Massage is used to improve the circulation of the blood and the remove the toxins which are present in the scalp.

Apply the oil on the scalp  and  massage it for 20 minutes. Leave it for one hour.Finally, rinse your hair with water. By doing this thrice a week you will surely find the best results.Head massage is used to re-grow the lost hair. It is advisable to use the unrefined oils as it contains a lot of nutrients.

Herbal Rinse

Always use the herbal rinse which is used to  strengthen the roots of the hair. You can condition your hair by using this type of rinse.The ingredients of the rinse are  chamomile, amla, hibiscus, rosemary, marigold, lavender, fenugreek, lime, orange, sage and  horsetail. It has been considered as the best medicine  for your hair.

Avoid Conditioners

Conditioners may contain a lot of chemicals.When you apply it on your hair,it will surely produce some problems to your hair.It will cause damages like hair breakage, hair fall, etc.So, it is advisable to avoid using conditioner after applying shampoo.Better you can use the plant butter or oils which won’t produce any side effects.It is used to re grow the lost hair.

Wide Tooth Wood Comb

Fine sharp tooth plastic comb can cause hurt to the new hair and scalp gets damaged.Wide tooth wood comb will not produce any damage to your scalp.It will give the massaging effect and distribute the sebum from the scalp to your hair.

If anyone wants the healthy scalp,use the wood comb.It provides better results than the sharp plastic comb.

Rub with fingernails

On rubbing the hair with fingernails,the hair re growth is stimulated.It will make your hair strong and healthy.This procedure has to be followed every day for about 10 minutes to get the lost hair.Even on the bald areas,the hair re growth will happen.It has been considered as the ancient practice.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals.While consuming the flax seeds,the follicles of the hair are strengthened and thus the hair will re grow in an effective manner.You can make the flax seed chutney which can be used as a spread on the stuffed bread, sandwiches , etc.

Flaxseeds will supply a lot of nutrients to your hair and so you can regain your lost hair within a few months.You can also eat this as a snack.


It has been considered as the best factor for promoting hair growth. Doing exercises will improve the good circulation of blood and supply the enough amount of nutrients to your scalp and thus the hair tend to re grow in a fast manner.Exercising is used  to remove the dead cells and provide the space for the new hairs to grow.

Avoid Tight Styles

Avoid the tight ponytails  or braids which produce any damage to your root hair and thus, the hair growth alters permanently.There might be a chance for the occurrence a bald patch on your scalp.It is better to avoid the tight hair styles.Use the loose type of hair styles which will promote re-growth of hair.


As amla is rich in sources of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals it has been considered as the best tonic for stimulating re growth of hair. Dried or fresh amla can be consumed which is used to prevent the hair loss, and provide a healthy hair.

You can apply the raw amla, amla juice or amla powder which are used to stop the irritation of the scalp and reduce dandruff. You can massage the scalp by mixing Amla juice and coconut oil. Consume the amla powder with water which boosts the re growth of hair in an efficient manner.

Lentils and beans

Lentils and beans will supply the sufficient amount of protein and iron for promoting the re-growth of hair.  Iron is the important factor for hair re-growth.Iron will supply the oxygen to the cells and so it plays a major in removing the dead cells and regenerate the new cells which promote the new hair growth.

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Hair needs sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to grow in a usual manner.Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of vitamins and minerals and helps the strong hair growth.Upon consuming, these foods will stimulate the re-growth of hair.

Fruits and vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, banana, berries, apple and green leafy vegetables will provide you enough nutrients for hair and thus,the hair starts to regrow.

Herbal Oil

The herbal oil will provide anti- fungal, anti- inflammatory and anti- reddening  properties which make your scalp healthy and the re-growth of hair will occur soon.Herbal oils are rich sources of  polyphenols, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It plays a vital role in producing the new hair from the follicles of the hair. It will replace the dead cells with the new living cells and so the hair will grow in an active manner.

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