Hair loss is a major problem for every woman.Hair loss occurs due to some inefficiency of vitamins.It can be cured by taking required amount of vitamins and minerals by our daily food items.But in some cases, the efficiency of hair growing will not be possible only by maintaining diet and vitamins. Hair restoration techniques are employed nowadays to get back the lost hair. Hair restoration technique can be done in eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard hairs

Hair Restoration For Women

Hair Restoration technique

Hair restoration technique is a method in which the hair in the higher dense area will be moved to the lower dense area. It means the loss of follicle cells in the hair due to various reasons could be rectified by transplanting the hair from one area to the another.This hair restoration techniques are useful for many people and it do not require a special treatment.

Eligible Candidates

Women candidates who are eligible to undergo the hair restoration techniques must have thin scalp hairs. Only 2% to 5% women are benefitting by this restoration techniques. Women who lose their hair by hormonal disorder, trauma, accidents, different kind of baldness are more suitable for the hair restoration techniques. Women who want to reconstruct their hair can also undergo reconstruction techniques.

Technique fails for

This hair restoration techniques are not suitable for many candidates.Women with a diffuse hair cannot succeed this technique. If the hair is been transplanted to the above case,the hair transplants on the lower dense area will be weak and hence it cannot regrow itself. Hair with keloid scalp which are caused by trauma cannot be treated by this technique.

Treatment steps

The first step of treating the hair is by personal consultation and examination. This technique can be generally made by three techniques which include

  • Medical treatment
  • Hair transplant
  • Combining Medical ad surgery treatment

The second step involves the area of the donor hair in which the count of follicle cells are important.The third step involves the recipient area where the final number of the cells are required.The final most step is to know about the cost of this procedure.The process takes about several hours based on the amount of the hair to be transplanted. The infected follicles will be removed and transplanted with a healthy one. The areas will be having a small spots of dots which will be covered by the hair gradually.


The advantages of this hair restoration techniques include the following:

  • Bleeding is a rare thing
  • Do not damage any cells and blood vessels
  • The time required for healing will be very less
  • Scars will not be formed
  • Will not include sutures, staples

The hair restoration techniques for women are becoming popular nowadays and it proves the results are satisfactory. The requirements of the transplantation are a little complicated as the recipient and donor should match each other. The success rates will be seen only when the process is performed well.