Most of the women are suffering from hair shedding.First, you have to find out the cause of hair shedding and then take steps to prevent it.This article gives you clear idea about how to prevent hair shedding.

Hair Shedding For Women

Causes for Hair Shedding

Telogen Effluvium

It is a process which occurs after weight loss, severe stress, surgery, etc. leading to the loss of a huge amount of hair while combing, brushing or shampooing.The hair will shed due to the intake of some severe doses of medicines. It is advisable to take the medicines having low dosages.

Hereditary Hair Loss

It has been considered as one of the primary cause for the shedding of hair.The gene may be inherited from your mother or from your father.For hereditary hair loss,the hair surgery such as the implant locks surgical treatment have to be done.


When your body produces little amount of thyroid,it is called hypothyroidism.During hypothyroidism,your hair will lose their strength and can easily break.Thus,split ends occur at the tip of your hair.The hair can’t get the sufficient amount of nutrients which are needed for their growth.

Suppose when your body produces a large amount of thyroid,it is called hyperthyroidism.Hair loss will occur due to the excessive presence of thyroid in your body.


It is an autoimmune disease which affects women during the maternity time.Lupus will weaken  the follicles of the hair and thus the loss of hair occurs.It occurs in a mild condition. But at the time of brushing, shampooing, you can realize that you are losing too much of hair.Rashes, irritation, and redness occur on the scalp.

Iron Deficiency

It has been considered as a major cause of hair shedding for women.Iron plays a significant role in supplying red blood cells to the blood.Halted consumption of the food items,which are rich in iron,can lead to the improper supply of red blood cells to the blood and hence,hair loss will occur.So,always consume the foods which are rich in iron like fish, leafy grains, etc.

Condition of the Scalp

Unhealthy scalp will never allow the hair to grow in a proper manner.By consuming the nutritious foods,the scalp remains healthy and will supply the enough nutrition to the hair follicle.Then automatically hair starts to grow.

Excessive Styling

Using too much shampoo or dying your hair will cause hair loss.Heating the hair or using some chemicals will greatly affect your hair.It has been considered as the major reason for breaking of hair.A hair gel or hair spray will produce harm to your hair and shed your hair in surplus amount.

Avoid using the shampoo with a high concentration of chemicals,as it might cause breakage to your hair. Always keep your hair free from dandruff to prevent the hair loss.

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