The hair thinning is a common problem in all women.But the reason for the hair thinning differs from one another. There are several treatments are available to treat  the thinning of hair.In order to treat your hair loss problem, you have to find the cause of it.

Hair Thinning Women


Causes for Hair Thinning

Do you have severe hair loss but are not aware of the cause? Then this article will help you to know the reason for your hair loss problem and will help you to get the solution.There are several causes for the hair thinning problem in women. Some of the causes are listed out below.


The physical stress in women is a major cause of the hair fall problem.The illness or sickness will cause the physical stress in .This might cause you the severe hair loss problem.But this could be a temporary problem.After getting out of illness your physical stress will get reduced. So that,you can have the normal hair growth.The hair will be pushed out from the scalp as a shedded hair.This is one of the reasons for your hair fall.But,this is not permanent.


The hair fall during pregnancy is the most common thing.It is due to the stress and the deficiency of iron after delivery.As this problem is common,you will get the normal hair growth in months.You do not have to take any treatment for this hair loss.It gives the normal hair growth after a complete rest.


Too much of vitamin A intake will cause the hair loss problem.The vitamin A is a common ingredient in certain medications.If you take over dosage of such medicines, you will get high in vitamin A.This will cause the hair to loss from your scalp.The problem will get normal after the vitamin A gets halted.Once the excess vitamin gets out from the body,you will be back to normal, your hair will start to grow like before.

Lack of Nutrition

If you have a lack of proteins in your body, you will get the hair loss problem.The problem can be treated by adding enough proteins in your food diet.The hair loss due to lack of protein is a common thing in all women.This is not a severe problem to be treated.The iron deficiency can also cause the hair loss problem in you.So take the calcium, iron, and protein rich foods.This will improve the hair growth, as well as, controls your hair fall problem.

How to Stop Hair Thinning

The treatment for the hair thinning depends on upon its causes. There are several treatments available to treat your hair loss problem. Here is a list of the tips that will help you to stop the hair thinning problem.

Hair Maintenance

Wash your hair daily,so that you can get rid of hair fall.Do not allow the dust particles to settle in the root of your hair .Do not use shampoo daily as it may make your hair fall problem even worse. Apply coconut or almond oil once in a week,give your hair a gentle massage with the oil.Leave it to dry for a while.Wash your hair with cold water.The hot water is not recommended for washing your hair as it may cause your hair to break.It may also cause hair fall from the scalp.So, use clean and cold water for a healthy hair.Whenever you shower, use the conditioner for your hair. It will improve the hair growth as it contains many proteins in it.Then dry your hair naturally. Do not use a hair drier to dry your hair.The drier will cause severe hair damage as it is too hot.Do not wrap the wet hair in the towel as it may cause the hair to break from the root.Do not use too much styling products as they cause the split ends and hair breakage.Try to style and leave your hair loose.This will help you from the thinning hair.If you give this maintenance to your hair, then you can stop the thinning hair.

Food Diets

The food diet is the best choice to stop your hair from falling down.If you have a proper diet,it will help your hair to regrow.The main cause of the hair fall is the nutrition deficiency.The iron, vitamin, and protein should be taken.The iron and the protein are the basic needs for the hair growth.Therefore try to follow a healthy diet.The healthy diet will improve the growth of hair.The women have to be very conscious about the food diet.You have to follow a proper diet to maintain a good health.The good health is necessary for the proper hair growth.


The women who do not notice any improvement even after many processes can undergo the surgery for hair transplants or laser therapy.The hair transplant is the painful treatment for the hair thinning problem. It is also much expensive.But you will obtain good results by this treatment.The hair transplantation will give you a thicker look of hair and will solve the hair thinning problem.Another method is the laser therapy.It is not as painful as hair transplants but it really works well for the hair growth.

The hair thinning is a natural issue for all women. If you find out the reason for your hair fall then you can easily solve the problem.You can also improve your hair growth by following any one of the treatments with patience.If you find this article useful,kindly share it on social networking sites.