All the women around the world suffer from the severe hair loss problem. If you control hair loss and breakage, then you can get a long hair. Certain tips are listed out below to improve the growth of your hair.You can follow the below tips to get the long hair. But you have to be patient while you are in the process of growing long hair.

How To Make Hair Grow Longer

Trim your hair

If you have split ends in your hair, then there is no possibility of the hair to grow longer.Therefore you must trim your hair for a regular period of an interval to maintain a proper hair growth.Trim the end of your hair to improve the hair growth. Trimming the hair at regular interval is the best solution to make your hair grow longer.

Avoid Daily Shampoo

Using shampoo daily is not a healthy way.The shampoo is used to wash away the dirt from the hair.So use it twice or thrice a week.This is much enough to keep the hair clean away from dirt.Over usage of shampoo will make your hair lose the natural oil in your hair and cause the hairs to break.

Use Conditioner

The conditioner is very good for the growth of long hair. Daily, use conditioner for your hair. This gives the protein to the hair and makes it grow longer. The wet hair is the best time to use conditioner.The condition smoothens your hair and builds a strong hair in the end.

Apply Oil

Apply oil massage to your hair at least once in a week. This helps the hair to get nourishment and prevent hair from breakage. Apply more oil at the end of the hair, it controls split ends.Massage your hair with an oil mask and leave it for sometimes.Then,wash the hair with cool water.The hot water will bring split ends to your hair.Therefore, your hair will not grow longer.

Use supplements

The supplements are used to improve the growth of hair.The hair needs proteins to grow hair.The supplements will also prevent the hair from breakage and split ends. So,your hair will grow longer with the help of proteins.Also, maintain a proper food diet.The intake of food is the better choice of growing your hair longer. Follow a balanced nutritious food.

Proper Care for Your Scalp

The scalp is the building block of your hair.So you must care more about your scalp.Give a massage at the root of the hair and scalp.The serum is the best choice to massage your scalp.It will nourish the hair and will give a strong foundation to your hair.If you have a strong scalp then your hair will not break from the root.This will help you to get long hair.

The hair does not grow in a night. Therefore be patient and follow the above tips. This will improve your hair growth.Follow the above methods to grow long hair.Leave us a reply on the comment box regarding the results.