The thinning of the hair is a severe problem. You must take proper care in the beginning.There are several treatments available for the hair thinning.This is a common problem for  people of all ages.There are so many medical and home treatments are available.You can do such a one to regrow your thin hair.

How To Regrow Thinning Hair

Home Remedies

Hair Wash

The main thing that you have to consider about your hair regrowth is,to keep your hair clean and healthy.Wash your hair daily such that the dust will be washed out from your hair.This will help you to improve your hair growth.

Apply Conditioner

Apply conditioner to your hair whenever you shower.The wet hair is the right time to apply the conditioner. As the conditioner contains protein it will help you to promote your hair growth naturally.

Hair Drying

The drying of your wet hair should not be harmful to your hair.Do not wrap the wet hair in a towel.It may cause hair breakage from the root.Give them the natural dry.Do not use a dryer as it is over heat it may cause hair fall and breakage.

Styling Hair

The styling of your hair does not harm your hair.Do not style your hair with heat products.Try to leave them loose in style.This may help the hair to regrowth.Avoid trying tight styling as it may cause hair breakage.This will make the hair thinning even worse.

Sun Protection

Protect your hair from the sun. The direct sun exposure to the scalp may cause the hair fall.So use the sunscreen for hair or use a conditioner which contains zinc oxide. This will help you to improve the regrowth of hair.

Medical Treatments

If you have severe hair loss then you must consult a doctor. They can provide you a medical remedy.


This foam should be applied on the scalp. This will promote the hair regrowth. The Minoxidil will give you the  best result within 16 weeks. Continuous usage of this product will give you many benefits. It also has certain side effects like hair growth in chin, face and hands.

Hair Transplants

If every method fails to work out in your hair regrowth then you can undergo a surgery for hair transplantation.This will fill the hair in the thinning area. It also will improve the natural hair to regrow. The hair transplant treatment is very painful and also much expensive. But you will get a good result of hair in the thinning area. It also improves the hair growth.

Laser Therapy

The laser therapy for the hair regrowth is the best choice to improve your hair growth. If you don’t want to undergo the painful hair transplant, then the laser is the better choice. The laser therapy will promote the hair growth. It also controls the hair fall from your scalp.

These are the different home and medical treatments. These treatments will help you to improve your thinning hair to regrow. Choose any one type and start the process. Be patient up to you get a better result.Also,read our other articles about the treatments.