The thinning hair in females is the common problem.However, the reason varies from individuals.But, there are many treatments that will promote the hair growth.If you are worried about your hair fall then this article will list out the treatments that will help you.

Treatment For Thinning Hair In Females


There are many hair thinning treatments available. The treatments will help in controlling hair fall and improve your hair growth.

Hair Transplant

The hair transplant is the treatment that will improve your thin hair.The hair from the dense area of your scalp will be taken off and then inserted in the thinner area.This is  a painful treatment.It will even cause irritation in your scalp.The treatment is very expensive.But you will get a good result of thicker hair by this treatment.


The laser is the best therapy for the hair regrowth.It will improve the natural growth of the hair.The laser is the best choice if you need to get the growth naturally.The laser treatment is not much painful as the hair transplants. The laser is the guaranteed treatment to improve the hair growth and thicker hair.


The Minoxidil is a foam that is used to regrow the hair.The foam should be applied to the scalp and massaged gently. It is then rinsed  with cold water.The hair will grow thicker in 6 months. This is the best treatment for the hair growth. The over dosage of this foam has side effects of hair growth in face and hand.The hair growth will be continued as long as you use the drug.If you discontinue the usage, then the improvement of the hair growth will be terminated.However,using a low dose of the product may cause increased heart rate and scalp irritation.

Home treatment

The home treatment  gives you the natural growth of hair.The home remedy is the best choice as they do not have any side effects.

Oil Massage

Apply oil to the hair and give a gentle massage.This will help you to improve the natural hair growth.The oil is the necessary need for your hair growth.Use coconut or almond oil to your hair.These oils will give nourishment to your hair.Apply oil to your hair once in a week.This will work to get a thicker hair.


Add proteins, vitamins and irons in your food.These are the essential nutrients that are required for the hair growth. The essential nutrition is the best choice to grow up your hair.Follow a healthy and natural diet.If you are deficient in any nutrients,you will  probably get the hair loss problem.Therefore follow a balanced diet to control hair fall and hair regrowth.Also,massage your hair with the oils which are high in nutrition. This will also improve the hair growth.

Maintain your hair with proper care.Use mild and gentle products so that you can prevent your hair from the breakage and hair loss.The medical and home remedies will solve your thinning hair problem and make it grow longer and thicker.