Children, as well as adults, are suffering from thin hair.There are many reasons for thinning of hair.First, you have to maintain your hair properly to get a thick hair.You should find out the cause of thin hair and then take steps to solve the problem. This article will recommend you the choice of treatments for thin hair.

Treatment For Thinning Hair In Women

Best Treatment for Thinning Hair

Below mentioned are a choice of the best treatments for hair loss. Among them, you can choose the treatment which is the best suit for your hair.


Minoxidil comes in the form of medicine and tablets. Minoxidil solution plays effectively  in stimulating the hair growth in an adequate manner. After applying the solution on your hair, it will be absorbed by the scalp and thus,  provide thick hair.It acts efficiently on women.

The disadvantage of this treatment is the chance of  producing some side effects.Suppose when the solution gets absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream,it will surely cause unusual problems.

Tagamet / Cimetidine

Tagamet is a medicine which is used to treat the thin hair.It will remove the dead cells and produce the new living cells which promote the hair thickening.It is highly recommended for women to remove the excess hair from the face.

It plays a significant role in providing the  strong hair.This drug is used to avoid the breakage of hair and split ends.

Cyproterone Acetate

It is used to treat the hair loss.This drug will strengthen the follicles of the hair and thus the hair grows in a strong and healthy fashion.The disadvantage of using this drug is the long term side effects to the women. It is better to apply only a limited portion of the drug on the scalp.


It plays a vital role in thickening the hair.This drug is used to remove the thin hair and thus the new thick hair will start to arise.To get the best results, use this medicine daily for  months.


This drug is used to reduce the hair loss and thus promote thickening of hair.It will help to grow the hair in a strong and healthy manner.It will penetrate into the scalp and thus,encourages the follicles of the hair to grow strong.On using this drug, the hair gets thickened.The thinner hair starts falling off and in that place, the new thickened hair will start to grow.


Viviscal is a mixture of fish proteins, vitamins , minerals and biotin which are used to supply a large measure of nutrition for hair growth and also the hair grows in a healthy manner.It will promote the hair thickening.At times over usage of this medicine can cause unusual problems.

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