Generally,women are getting affected by hair loss problems.To get rid of it,always consume the foods which are rich in vitamins.But many are unaware of the food items rich in vitamins.This article will give you the idea about the vitamins necessary for hair growth in women.

Vitamins For Hair Growth In Women


Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a significant role in strengthening the hair follicles.They contain fat soluble secosteroids,which help in absorbing calcium and phosphate.It plays very effectively in promoting the hair growth.Lack of vitamin D can cause hair loss problem.It can be obtained by consuming the food items which are rich vitamin D such as, leafy vegetables, fish, almonds can promote the hair growth.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are rich in cold water fish and also in the plants like flax.These fatty acids are used to strengthen the roots of the hair.Due to the deficiency of such acids,the hair fall problem arises.To overcome the problem consume the food items which are rich sources of fatty acids.It is advisable to intake all types of fish which are the primary sources of fatty acids.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is used to improve the circulation of blood.It is used to provide a healthy hair. It plays a major role in proper functioning of the immune system and thus preventing hair loss.This vitamin is used to promote the growth of hair.Consume the food items which are rich in vitamin E  such as, soya beans, leafy greens, nuts, wheat germ, etc. With the intake of these kinds of foods,strong and healthy hair can be obtained.

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid is referred to as vitamin B5.This vitamin is used to control the hair loss.It is used to strengthen the roots of the hairs and their cells.These vitamins are used to improve the proper functioning of hair follicles.It is used to remove the dead cells from the scalp,and the new cells start to grow.Thus, the new hair will begin to rise rapidly. Vitamin B5 occur in food items like grains, eggs, etc.

Vitamin A

As vitamin A is rich in anti-oxidants,it is used to produce a strong and healthy  hair.These vitamins are used to provide a strong sebum,which is a substance secreted by the scalp used to reduce the breakage of hair, hair loss, etc. It is advisable to feed the food items which are rich in vitamin A,only in a limited quantity.Else,it will produce the problems like hair loss, breakage of hair, etc. Food items which are rich in vitamin A include cod liver oil, krill oil ,peaches, carrots, etc.

Vitamins are used to prevent the hair loss.Take the required amount of vitamins and grow your hair long and healthy.Share your feedbacks on the article in the comment section.