Are you suffering from baldness? Hereafter, don’t worry about the baldness.Because this article will provide you suggestions to get rid of baldness. It gives you the causes, symptoms, and treatments for the women baldness. Follow the treatments regularly to prevent the hair loss. Consuming protein-rich foods will help to give solution for the women baldness.

Women Baldness


It is defined as the loss of hair from the women’s head leaving the place vacant due to haunted hair growth.Both young and seniors are suffering from baldness.

Causes Of Baldness

The causes of women baldness are due to aging, family history,autoimmune disease, skin disease that cause scarring of the follicles of the hair,abnormal hair shaft,hormone problems,deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Symptoms Of Women Baldness

The symptoms of women baldness are thinning of hair at the top.Hair fall never occurs on the front side of the head. Itching or skin sore in the scalp never occur.

Examination of  Baldness

First, consult the doctor,they used to find the cause of the hair loss,the appearance of hair loss and  your medical history.They conduct a blood test to know the skin disease which  causes hair loss.Under the microscope,the hair to be examined is placed to know whether it contains any poison such as lead or arsenic.A skin biopsy may be done to prevent the loss of the hair.But it contains some side effects like infection, scar in the scalp.

Treatment For Women Baldness

If not treated properly,the hair loss for women remains permanent.No treatment is required if baldness has not affected your appearance.Minoxidil is a drug,which is used to reduce the hair loss.Food and drug administration had approved this medication.The drug has to be applied on the scalp.

Only 2% of minoxidil has to be used on the head.This drug improves the hair growth and prevents the hair loss.To get rid of the hair loss, use the drug continuously.

Hair Transplants

It will remove the tiny grafts of hair from the thicker area and keep them in the areas of balding.This operation can cause some scar in the head where the hair has been removed.It might produce infection.Many transplants are needed to do.It costs expensive.But after hair transplantation,it will inevitably produce the best results which are permanent.

Side Effects  Of Hair Transplantation

As the hair transplantation contains many artificial fibers which can cause some infections in the scalp,food and drug administration has banned it.Do not stitch the hair on the scalp because it will produce scar in the scalp.  

Home Remedy For Women Baldness

Castor Oil

Castor oil is used to relieve the skin infections. It is considered to be the best medicine to treat baldness.It has to be applied on the hair and the scalp should be massaged.Within a few weeks, the new hair begins to arise.

Red Gram and Pigeon Pea

A mixture of red gram and pigeon pea act effectively to reduce baldness.Grind the red gram and pigeon pea, make a paste, and then apply on the hair. It plays a significant role to control the baldness.

Aloe Vera Gel

As it is a medicinal herb,it will help to cure the baldness.The enzymes present in the aloe vera gel can remove the blocks which are present in the follicles of the hair.It will stimulate the hair growth.Apply the aloe vera gel on the head and massage the scalp.

Coconut Oil

It is one of the  best natural oil to reduce baldness.To get better results,mix the coconut oil along with the lemon juice.It influences the roots of the hair to grow. Apply them on the affected areas.Continue it for several months to get good results.

Black Pepper

Take the crushed  black pepper and lime seeds and then apply it over the affected areas of the scalp. They give you remedy from the baldness.Black pepper acts as a medicine to treat baldness.


This aromatic herb is used to control the baldness. Mix the curd, camphor and then apply on the areas where the baldness is affected.It is used to remove the dead cells and regenerate the new living cells.This herb will promote the hair growth.

Add some coconut oil to the camphor and massage it on the head.It is used to reduce hair loss and dandruff.

Shana Seeds Powder

Mix the shana seeds powder along with coconut oil,which has been used as a remedy for baldness.It improves the circulation of the blood. Instead of coconut oil, you can use castor oil to get rid of baldness. It plays very effective role in protecting the hair and also used to strengthen the follicles of the hair.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural source of anti-oxidants, which fight against the baldness.Prepare the green tea with the boiling water. After it gets cooled, apply them over the affected areas.It will relieve you from the baldness. It is applicable for other health problems also.


Neem is used to treat skin diseases. It is considered to be the curable herb for the baldness.Prepare the neem leaf powder,mix it with the aloe vera juice and add few drops of herbal amla in it.Apply the paste to the affected areas of the scalp.It is used to examine the hair loss and provide solutions for it. Another method is to boil the leaves of the neem tree and when the water gets cooled, wash the hair with the boiled water. It is used to control the hair loss.

Preventive Measures

  • Never use harsh shampoo.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun.
  • Don’t use a comb on your wet hair.
  • Don’t  use chemicals.
  • Consume nutritious foods.

Hair weaving, changing the hairstyle are considering to be the safest solution for the women baldness.It will improve your physical appearance.It won’t cost expensive.To get remedy from the women baldness,consume the nutritious food. If you feel no other above solution  produce  a good result,you can follow the homeopathic medicines.

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